The Gig RIG


The Gig Rig-Ireland’s largest mobile outdoor festival stage

General Description
The Gig Rig formerly known as the ‘Guinness Gig Rig’ concert stage has been the centre point of every major outdoor festival event in the country. The Gig Rig is a self contained self erecting mobile stage that can be driven into almost any location and erected in fifty minutes (ex production). It has it’s own sound and lighting system/on-board generator and an experienced crew that will enable the smooth running of any outdoor event.

Gig Rig Sound System options
Dynacord Cobra 2 (PWH) line array front of house sound system.
Yamaha M7CL-48 channel digital mixing console.
Yamaha LS9-32 channel digital mixing console.
7 way monitoring mixes available.
8 x (1×15″) 500watt floor wedges
1 x 18″ 600watt sub/1×15″ 500watt cabinet for kit mix.
40 channel 30 metre split multicore available if foh mix position is agreed.
Shure/Sennhiser/AKG/EV microphones.
Stands, D.I boxes and cabling supplied.

Gig Rig Lighting System
40 Par 64 Snub Nose lighting Cans C/W 500 watt Bulbs.
2 x 4 way Mole fays.
Pulsar Dimmers.
Jands Event 24/48 channel Lighting Desk.

Stage Dimensions

35 feet wide x 22 feet deep and 16 feet clearance to the lighting system.

75 KVA on-board generator.

The Rig comes complete with a driver and 2 crew, one of which is a sound engineer.

Branding Area’s

If you require branding on the Gig Rig with your Corporate Sponsors Logo or Festival Logo, the branding areas are as follows;

Main Backdrop-
This should be no larger than 26 feet wide x 12 feet deep. The Canvas should have 6 eyelets equidistant across the top of it. It should have three eyelets across the bottom, one left, one right, and one in the centre. This is to allow us to hold the Canvas in Place.

Main Headboard-
The above area measures 2 feet high x 35 feet wide and the banner should have 2 inch female Velcro stitched to the back perimeter.

The Gig Rig comes with a €6,500,000 public and €13,000,000 employer’s liability insurance policy, with an indemnity to principal’s clause. Our documents are available for inspection prior to your event.