The Gig Rig


The Gig Rig-Ireland’s largest mobile outdoor festival stage

Gig Rig Audio Package
Dynacord Cobra ground stacked line array front of house audio system.
6 X Cobra PWH 18″ Subwoofers/6 X Cobra 2 Mid High Cabinets.
Midas M32- 32 channel digital mixing consoles for FOH & monitor positions.
8 x (1×15″) EAW SM400 600watt floor wedges.
1 x 18″ 600watt sub/1×15″ 500watt cabinet for kit mix.
Midas DL32 Stage box/Cat 6 cable available if FOH mix position is agreed.
3m Pop up tent for FOH position.
Microphone package-Professional Shure/Sennhiser/AKG/EV microphones available.
Sennhiser IEM systems and Radio microphones available on request.
Stands, D.I boxes and cabling supplied.

Gig Rig Lighting System
Par 64 Snub Nose lighting Cans C/W 500 watt Bulbs.
Movers- 4 beams/4 led spots/4 sun strips (10 x 50watt)/Led pars/Hazer.

Stage Dimensions
35 feet wide x 22 feet deep and 16 feet clearance to the lighting system.

75 Kva built in generator. 63/32/16/13 amp sockets available.

The Gig Rig crew comprises of the driver and 2 experienced technicians. This may vary depending on the size of the event.

Branding Area’s

If you require branding on the Gig Rig with your Corporate Sponsors Logo or Festival Logo, the branding areas are as follows;

Main Backdrop-
This should be no larger than 26 feet wide x 12 feet deep. The Canvas should have 6 eyelets equidistant across the top of it. It should have three eyelets across the bottom, one left, one right, and one in the centre. This is to allow us to hold the Canvas in Place.

Main Headboard-
The above area measures 2 feet high x 35 feet wide and the banner should have 2 inch female Velcro stitched to the back perimeter.

The Gig Rig policy covers €6,500,000 public liability and €13,000,000 employer’s liability insurance, with an indemnity to principal’s clause. Our documents are available for inspection prior to your event.